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BERLING BUCHER is a ready-to-wear and leather accessories brand launched in 2023. The brand’s distinct visual language is based around the graphic deconstruction of classic elegance and luxury fashion codes. Their vision of style is both timeless and hyperreal with the distinction between past, present, and future being purposefully blurred. The brand references familiar historical visuals while using the language of minimal contemporary form and shifting them into futuristic design objects. Lines inspired by typography are a recurring element of the brand’s vocabulary. Clear geometric vectors drawn with precision around the body define BERLING BUCHER’s style of minimalism that is obsessed with form yet never takes itself too seriously.

In their first line of accessories, the bags stand at a sharp angle due to the signature tilted floor panels and are designed to be instantly recognizable through their sharp geometric profiles. The brand’s production relies on a network of personally vetted family-run and heritage businesses, based in Poland, Austria and Italy. Each product is fitted with a microchip allowing for clear authentication and production transparency. With ready-to-wear and collaborative art projects in the pipeline, BERLING BUCHER sets out to propose a multidisciplinary vision of modern luxury.

Joanna Berling and Anda Bucher are the design duo behind BERLING BUCHER. Joanna was born in Warsaw, Poland, Anda grew up in an Alpine village in Austria. Bucher gained professional experience working as a designer at Chanel while Berling’s work was featured in multiple magazines as she worked on custom looks for figures of cultural zeitgeist including Lady Gaga and Meghan Thee Stallion. After graduating together from a Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London they joined forces in realising their precise vision of modern luxury


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