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BERLING BUCHER x Austrian Fashion Association
Pop-up concept space

BERLING BUCHER unveiled their pop-up shop in partnership with the Austrian Fashion Association and Wirtschaftsagentur Wien. Featuring a product installation and a documentary film project - bound together by an abstracted soundscape - the space offered a 360° view of the brand’s creative vision.

The conceptual retail space which opened to the public October 19-21 focused on the production transparency in the context of leather goods manufacturing. Encouraging the visitors to listen to the designers conversation with one of their manufacturers, the brand offered a glimpse into the production processes behind their accessories. With leather craftsmanship becoming a dying art in Central and Eastern Europe, the brand looks into the reality of this complex issue where manufacturers have to strike a very delicate balance between technological innovation and preservation of centuries-old know-how. Discussing a range of topics from innovation and machinery and steb-by--step of production to their production manager’s passion for tropical fish, BERLING BUCHER highlighted the work of many people who contribute to the creation of their final product.

The interview was re-mixed to create an immersive soundscape within the space, allowing for the thoughts on process and production to blend and echo off a physical installation displaying the finished product.


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