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"Larger hands"
documentary film by Maja Soś

In the context of craft, handwork renders the labor visible. In fashion we attach a lot of value to that labour. We love to highlight it to an almost fetishisting degree. Countless videos, closeup on hands, knife cutting through leather, tulle spread on a white tabletop, embroidered for days on end. That is the behind the scenes we want everyone to see.But in most other cases, the process of production is purposefully largely invisible.
“Larger hands” is a record of our ongoing conversations with Mr. Antoni, the owner of a family-owned production place we work with. With leather craftsmanship becoming a dying art in Central and Eastern Europe, the film looks into the reality of this complex issue where manufacturers have to strike a very delicate balance between technological innovation and preservation of centuries-old know-how. Discussing a range of topics from innovation and machinery and steb-by-step of production to Mr. Antoni’s passion for tropical fish, the project serves to highlight the work of many people who contribute to the creation of our final product focusing on humanity and individuality that exist within the process of production.


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